Sunday, March 11, 2012


When I was 7 and in second grade, I finished off a knitted hotpad with a crochet edge. My teacher got very angry and told me never to mix knitting and crochet. It took me fifty years to overcome her narrow minded opinion.
Now I freely mix all fiber crafts i do, like crochet, knitting, needle felting and weaving.
One of my favorite mixtures is amigurumi crochet and needle felting. I did my first amigurumi a year and half ago. I just loved the results until I started doing my own designs and wanted some more expression on their faces. As I always comented on my needlefelting. It is only ok when it speaks to me. So now I finish off my crochet amigurumi with little or more needlefelting. I card the wool I´m using and apply it with a felting needle. Sometimes I also do some entire parts needlefelted.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Crochet has been my pastime for the few last months being unable to move around due to a operated knee. My husband, not the one of the preceding story bringing me the needle, the right yarn, eyes, lunch, tea and encouragement of fast recovery.. They are being born by each stitch full of love and happy thoughts for one of my 12 lovely grandchildren who will receive them in due time. Soon I will get tired of crochet and will go on doing my other favorite hobbies. I will also bring a nice cup of tea and cook a special lunch for the one who is taking care of me with such patience and love.


Just heard about a very happily married couple. When completing 60 years of serenity together the wife upon her last breath with her ever loving husband at her bedside finally gave him permission to open her secret shoebox there high upon a shelf. Finally, finally he was to discover this lifelong secret of his beloved wife.
Opening the box he looked at two amigurumi dolls. Dolls crouched by his wife, and a bundle of 100 .000 dollars. In a very weak voice his wife explained that when marrying her grandmother gave her one only advice. When you feel like yelling at your husband, or hitting him or leaving him or even killing him just sit down and crochet a doll like I taught you so many years ago.
The husband was so happy of having been such a good companion, that in sixty years his dearest wife only needed to crochet two dolls because of him. How happy she was to have married him, such a special male specimen.
And the money? In a last effort and and in her ever soft patient voice, his beloved told him. That´s all yours, I saved all that selling lots of dolls I crocheted because of you.